FireLogXP 1.3

It can read the log file of your windows Internet Connection Firewall
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FireLogXP is a tiny utility but it has value of a dragon. It can help you to save your precious data from hackers. It can help you a lot more to know about your network activity and connectivity. With this utility you will be able to know all those hidden activity on your network which you can’t see with your eyes currently. FirelogXP is actually a Log file reader. It can read the log file of your windows Internet Connection Firewall. So if you are using the Window XP and using its default internet Connection Firewall then you can use this utility to read the log file created by your windows Internet Connection Firewall. After reading the log file of Internet Connection Firewall it show you all the activity recorded by firewall in a human readable form. It will show you that who is trying to connect to your computer and who it trying to access your computer. It provides you all the basic details of the connections. It tells you the total number of connections and total number of counts for each connection. It will also show you the source and destination IP address with the Hostname for each connection. With this utility you can also know about the source and destination ports number with the protocol used for the connection. But now the developer company has stopped its further development.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Easy to use
  • Provide destination and source port numbers
  • Provide protocols used for each connection


  • No further development of this tool
  • You required to provide the log file destination
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